The beginning

I, like most, started becoming interested in a different approach to learning when my daughter was born.

I went to public school all my life. I barely graduated high school and when I went to college I had lost all my friends. It was a fresh start for me. I ended up getting a 4.0 which is a perfect gpa (grade point average) my first semester. I realized that it was me that was dumb, something was wrong with our education system.

I first started with sign language as a way to communicate to my child without words. We used to go to the library religiously before covid. I picked up a book about the Montessori approach. Long story short, I ended up taking my daughter to several Montessori schools by the time she was 2. (Eventually I would like to write about our adventures. So far she has moved 10x since she was born and has been to quite a few places).

I dove into learning all about Maria Montessori and her method, reading her books and following youtubers such as the hidden gem or thewayweplay on IG.

We have currently moved to the biggest littlest city Reno, NV and I’m looking into studying Woldorf. My plan is to open up my own school and integrate all that I have learned.

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